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9:36 p.m. - 2013-02-03
Sweet, Sexy Revenge
When he chooses someone else over you...

Don't get Mad.

Get hotter than his girlfriend.

HA. That's exactly what i plan to do. So this one goes out to two of you specifically.

First: T. Woodbridge.
You think you won the lottery with that fat excuse for a pig? Gotcha. It's so funny to me how you're trying so hard to make me believe she's the love of your life. Hey bud, if she were... you wouldn't be flirting with me. Whether you admit it or not, you have feelings for me. Or did you forget what you said. You said you wanted to MARRY ME. Remember now?

Who the fuck are you trying to convince? Me or yourself? I will sweat and work hard. I will be slamming and when you see me, you'll hit yourself. You will bang your head on the wall. You're gonna say "That could of been MEEEEEE!" and i will laugh and i will snicker and i will raise my eyebrow in victory. Because not only will i look HOT, but i will be amazing, nice, silly, and all those things you ever loved about me. Because i combination like me will never come again. Everything will remind you of me. You won't be able to get me out of your mind and you know, you won't be able to sleep at night. I will haunt your dreams, your fantasies. You will see my face when you look at her.
This will be my personal "Fuck You" to you.

D. Harding:

The love of my life. My eternal turmoil. The cause of my tears, disappointment and depression. You already think i'm hot, but i'll be hotter. I will make you want to wife me. I will slap the bracelet of commitment on your sorry wrist. All those other ugly hags you called your girlfriends, flings, one night stands, your obsessions, those will dissolve. You will see me. Gorgeous, confident and you will be afraid now more than ever. If you were afraid some guy would get to me now, you will be terrified soon. You won't sit still. You will call. Beg. Cry. You will tell me you love me and make me promises. Every day will be torture for you to know what i'm doing and who i'm with. You will be sorry you ever waited 8 years to be with me. You will do everything in your power to win me back. No other woman will matter. Only me. You will want to come to Texas, meet my family. You will want to take my clothes off with your teeth and give it to me good. This time, YOU will make the sacrifices. You will be the one giving me everything....
You will never forgive yourself for making me suffer all these years. I will enjoy it. Karma will do it's justice and so will God. You will be sorry for choosing those sorry bitches over me all those times. You will cry the way i cried.

I will work hard, get hot. Both of you will learn and both of you will know what it's like to go through the hell i did for your love and friendship. Letting me down will be your biggest regret and i can't wait until i can see it first hand.

It will happen. I swear it.... to both of you.

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